Morning turbo

Morning Turbo

Things are getting complicated timing-wise, so I did a short turbo this morning, trying to keep the fitness going.   Having re-arranged wheels etc, in preparation for the Marmotte, I’ve not got the PowerTap wheel on either of the bikes at present, so I was on the Shorter, Ultegra wheels on the turbo.  I really should put the PowerTap back on to the Shorter now I suppose.  Running out of time, as the Marmotte reccie is rapidly approaching, closely followed by the real thing!

Commute to Shoreditch – First wet morning

Commute to Shoreditch – First Wet Morning

This was the first wet morning ride in – it looked pretty dreary when I looked out, but it was only drizzle showers, and pretty localised too.  Not a big problem in the end, just had to be a little more careful with manhole covers and the other road furniture.
It is not that I haven’t been riding, just been too busy to blog. Last weekend got out on Saturday for a short ride in the wind, then went out on Sunday with the club for a longer ride, pretty hard going too, out to Stockbridge Country Park.

Hampshire Hilly Hundred 2011

Hampshire Hilly Hundred 2011

The Gods smiled down on us today, the weather held out.  On the drive down to Hampshire, it was pouring, not looking forward to it at all.  By the time we’d got ourselves ready for the off, we only had on hint of a shower for the whole day.  that didn’t prevent the hundreds of punctures endured by just about everybody – Steve being a notable exception.   Despite the puncture I had, I managed a 5:57, well within the Gold Standard of 6:07. Well pleased.

Jon suffered two punctures and came in a little after me, but it felt good getting a 100-miler under the belt.  Total of 1993m of climb – a long way short of the Marmotte, but that’s still two months away…