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  • Another Turbo Endurance session

    I’m trying to follow some sort of structured plan now, with the main objective to be to lower my fat ratio – my power to weight ratio would be good if I can reduce from the 16% down to a more reasonable 12%. This week I have done a few turbo sessions, today’s due to […]

  • Training, hard to fit in a busy life

    Now the etape’s done, I’m finding life catching me up, and finding the time to train challenging. Still, I must, the Tour of the Peak is no small ride, and it is only just over two months away now. Perhaps this week, I’ll take my bike with me on my travels, and I’ll try to […]

  • Picture the pain – okay look briefly

  • Good week’s training

    The sun’s shining, (not too much) and I have been able to get out lunchtime a few times this week and it does make me feel better. I’ve been doing the Dunstable Down/Totternhoe route, only 500m of climb each time, but not bad for the midweek runs.

  • London to Paris Day 2

    After an all too short but definitely needed sleep on the boat we disembarked at Dieppe as late as we could, after all the boat docked at 3:30 French time. At that time it was still dark, so we made our way into the ferry terminal, the waiting passengers were a little surprise to see […]

  • Cycling to Paris: Day 1

    What a fun day. We set off from the close on time but that’s about where the organisation ended. Next stop City Thameslink, where Ed buckled his back wheel. Next stop Trafalgar Square for the photo call. Then we navigate as far as Brixton before stopping at a bike shop for the wheel. Nothing doing […]

  • Swollen feet

  • HTC Desire – Telephone reception dubious

    Don’t know what it is, but around home the reception on the desire is not good. Doesn’t seem to matter if I’m on 3G or 2G, it still is pretty poor around home. Most of the time when I’ve been out it has been fine, but at home I can sit it beside the HTC […]

  • New phone 🙂

    It’s really cool!

  • Climate change? NASA? What do they have to do with it?