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  • Did you know, you can’t run through patio doors, especially when they are closed…

    This afternoon I was rushing through the living room, missed the fact that the patio doors were shut, and found that glass breaks when you bounce off it that hard. This is not going to help with my training for the Marmotte.

  • Morning turbo

    Morning Turbo Things are getting complicated timing-wise, so I did a short turbo this morning, trying to keep the fitness going.   Having re-arranged wheels etc, in preparation for the Marmotte, I’ve not got the PowerTap wheel on either of the bikes at present, so I was on the Shorter, Ultegra wheels on the turbo. […]

  • Aborted Commute, due to mechanical failure

    Aborted Commute, due to mechanical failure Them legs is just too powerful – or, another way of looking at it is that the chain was worn out.  Either way, I ended up using up all my brownie points (and more) getting the wife out to rescue me.  In the process, walking to somewhere she might […]

  • Commute to Shoreditch – First wet morning

    Commute to Shoreditch – First Wet Morning This was the first wet morning ride in – it looked pretty dreary when I looked out, but it was only drizzle showers, and pretty localised too.  Not a big problem in the end, just had to be a little more careful with manhole covers and the other […]

  • Hampshire Hilly Hundred 2011

    Hampshire Hilly Hundred 2011 The Gods smiled down on us today, the weather held out.  On the drive down to Hampshire, it was pouring, not looking forward to it at all.  By the time we’d got ourselves ready for the off, we only had on hint of a shower for the whole day.  that didn’t […]

  • Commute to Shoreditch

    Commute to Shoreditch Not such a good feeling riding in this morning, it felt like hard work. Maybe that was because a couple of days ago when I cycled in, I had well rested legs?

  • Turbo – Royal Wedding Viewing

    Turbo – Royal Wedding Viewing A  2 hour steady state session at endurance pace as I won’t be riding for the rest of the weekend. Used the new Cyclops Fluid2 turbo – very quiet. Good luck to the Happy Couple…    

  • Commute to Shoreditch

    Commute to Shoreditch Not feeling particularly well, found the ride in hard this morning. Jon was on his Orbea so there no stopping him, the moving time reflects this. Forgot the HR strap, so no HR data available today.

  • Easter Monday: Rest day

    I’d rather be out in the sunshine on two wheels…

  • Easter Day Club Run to Wendover Woods

    Easter Day Club Run to Wendover Woods A club run out to the Wendover Woods Cafe, via a very circular route out to the North-East to start. A late stop and breaking the curfew of my return. In the end, only 8 minutes late, but still frowned upon.