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  • Heavy legs…

    I guess I must have done too much yesterday – I was not really feeling up to much today, definitely needed to sit in the pack.  We went out for an 07:30 start again, but only got as far as the top of Pedley Hill before turning, could probably have done more, but I wimped […]

  • Good week for Training

    I have managed to get out a couple of times during the week, and couldn’t resist a short ride this morning (having said that I went at some pace and did 44 miles,  and 575m of climb.  Tomorrow is meant to be another long ride – in preparation for the Dragon next weekend. Anway, I […]

  • Sunshine Persists

    The sunshine persists, so I got a ride in at lunch today.  The start of the ride was the fastest yet I’ve made the M1 bridge on the Hemel Road, 8m10s.  Of course that speed is highly dependent on getting through the King Harry Junction without delay, but legs felt good today.  The sun wasn’t […]

  • Now the time is here to step up the mileage and the climbing

    Bike arrived back from the etape caledonia, Saturday morning I put it back together and did a short ride, just to make sure I’d put all the bits in the right place.  Sunday was the day for a long ride.  Met Jon at Redbourn Roundabout for a 7:30 start, the wife called me mad before […]

  • etape Caledonia: Official Results in

    Official Time photo purchased, actually a few nice photos in the collection.  And I officially beat Jon in the King Of The Mountains competition – just! The Verulam Kit looks pretty good, not sure how it would have looked if we’d had the predicted rain!

  • etape Caledonia – great day out

    Wow, were we lucky or what!  The weather held out, so much so that we even had some sunshine as we finished.  I cycled most of it with Jon, and we managed a stonking 32kph average.    I’m not so happy with the 167bpm, and what happened to the published 2000m of climb?After the event we returned […]

  • Back on the bike again…

    It’s good to be back on two wheels, none of the impact injury of running, I can ride despite the ankle not being mended, the predictable motion of the cycling is fine, only issue comes when I need to twist the ankle. Lesson: Don’t twist the ankle (a little difficult to avoid when you’re using […]

  • Ankle recovering, pictures not for the squeamish!

    The ankle is feeling better – even if somewhat psychedelic in look.  It is still swollen but a lot less than before.  I managed to cycle over to the hospital for my blood test today, without any problems, so I’m sure a quick cycle over to Paris won’t be a problem next week!

  • Despite the forecasts both run & cycle without deluges

    Saturday I managed to do a long run (18 miles) and despite the calf and hip niggling went okay. Did it averaging 7:35/mile. HR was better and felt I could have gone on. Need to start thinking about tapering I think. It is frightening to think that it is just four weeks away now. Keeping […]

  • Gentle ride on Saturday morning

    I decided this week as I would be running on Sunday, to go out and ride on Saturday, I just wanted a gentle one, but ended up doing the best part of 50 miles. Not a bad pace, but I think I might have done more than I should. I managed also to get a […]