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  • The Hell of Ashdown

    A beautiful sunny (but cold) morning in the English Countryside, taking in the historic and beautiful counties of Kent and West Sussex, 106km of cycling at its best. The organisers (Catford CC) may be duly proud of their achievement, great marshalling and organisation, thanks guys! I together with two others from the Verulam made the […]

  • Ooops, went down

    After a week in the balmy southern hemisphere, including a mountain bike ride in the Tokai forest outside Cape Town, (note to self: don’t like downhill on mountain bike trails, frightens me…) I went out with the club on Sunday morning. I chose to go o ut with the usual “mods plus” group, having done […]

  • Government reply to StopRailFreight petition

    The government’s reaction to the petition is sadly indicating that this government wants to push through the rail freight interchanges, even if they are proposed in the wrong places. Joined up government is what we need. If they are going to widen the M25 around that part anyway, what is the harm in adding a […]