War Horse: another Spielberg classic

Yesterday I was given the choice of going to see the Maggie Thatcher film or War Horse. I chose War Horse. Good choice. Spielberg has woven so many threads into a really powerful and moving story of a boy and his horse. There is huge scope for follow-ons and sequels,  although I hope none are made. Much better to leave much unsaid. I don’t know if Michael Morpurgo has written any of those other stories,  I guess I should find out.  Either way, I enjoyed the film, and would like to see it again, I have the impression I missed some subtleties.

Frost – it does discourage one from riding out…

After the weather has turned cold and frosty, seems like it is more difficult to find motivation to get out on slippery roads. Just on the little ride in to town yesterday, I found myself on a big patch of ice where there is obviously a small water leak under the road, not noticeable most of the time. Just hit with that moment of panic when you realise that you are riding on ice…

So this morning I got on the turbo, resolved to do a nice long steady ride to make up for not going out with the club.
Turbo 2012-01-15

You might note that I neglected to say that we didn’t ride into the office again, the frost and Jon recovering from the slip earlier in the week discouraged us from that.  (and I didn’t get on the turbo instead)  I am feeling somewhat heavy at present…

Mountain Bike Commute into Shoreditch

This morning we commuted in on our Mountain Bikes. (okay, with semi-slick and slick tyres, but all the same, a very different beast to the highly refined road bikes we usually ride!) Much more effort required on the climbs, but the interesting thing is that it really didn’t take too much more time than we take on the road bikes. The following image is the comparison of this commute and the last, from the beginning of December (that long ago!)

I really am surprised how little difference this shows.   Admittedly the December commute was heavy, but it really does surprise me how little difference there really is.

Jon had a slip on a corner, damaging pride, a brake and a thumb, plus bruises.   Hope fully he will not suffer too much due to that, he picked up after the slip, I suspect it was the endorphins. Will have to check on him later.