etape Caledonia – great day out

Wow, were we lucky or what!  The weather held out, so much so that we even had some sunshine as we finished.  I cycled most of it with Jon, and we managed a stonking 32kph average.    I’m not so happy with the 167bpm, and what happened to the published 2000m of climb?After the event we returned to Aberfeldy to pack up the bikes and shower, where we came to the conclusion that our return flight on Monday morning was likely to be cancelled.  The bikes were booked for the courier return, so we left them to be collected as we proceeded back down towards Edinburgh airport.  A coffee stop en route we managed to contact the car hire company who told us it would be a £35 charge for returning the car to Luton rather than Edinburgh, so we did just that, were home by 11.  The icing on the cake was getting up on Monday morning and the flight had been cancelled.  So we’ll get a refund of the flights too.






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