Don’t ride without a helmet

This week has been traumatic in a number of ways. One of them was having to go to hospital to get my big bro’ home after he was discharged with concussion. While out with the kids, his wheel got caught, and oopla, he was being carted off in an ambulance. He has concussion. He is battered and bruised, and worst of all, his beloved 1970’s Bennetto is a write-off. I’d post a picture of his bruised face, cut head and very sorry appearance, but you’d not like it. He had done the right thing with helmets, there were three helmets and four of them, so he made the kids wear the helmets. There needed to be more helmets. He is recovering, but it is very sobering. (It certainly makes me think again when considering a quick ride somewhere on a Boris bike without a helmet)
Wear helmets, even when you’re just out for a short ride along the front with the kids.






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