Easter Saturday: Solo ride to the Bluebell Woods

Easter Saturday: Solo ride to the Bluebell Woods

The idea was a relatively light recovery ride, meeting SWMBO and the Mother-in-law to see the Bluebell Woods on Ivinghoe/Ashride, then coffee at the Ashridge Cafe. Having ridden up to the top of Dunstable, it seemed inconceivable that I should leave without climbing it the other way, so I rolled down into Totternhoe, then back up to the top from that side. After that I went over to Ivinghoe, and again, I had to it properly, so I rolled down into Ivinghoe Aston, in order to climb it properly. SWMBO and the M-i-l were nowhere to be found at “the” Bluebell woods, they were at “a” bluebell woods, so we met at the Ashridge cafe. The Carrot cake was as usual too good to refuse, so that added to the calorie consumption. The a relatively easy ride home via Pedley Hill (as Briden’s Camp was awash yesterday with a water main burst).






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