Mountain Bike Commute into Shoreditch

This morning we commuted in on our Mountain Bikes. (okay, with semi-slick and slick tyres, but all the same, a very different beast to the highly refined road bikes we usually ride!) Much more effort required on the climbs, but the interesting thing is that it really didn’t take too much more time than we take on the road bikes. The following image is the comparison of this commute and the last, from the beginning of December (that long ago!)

I really am surprised how little difference this shows.   Admittedly the December commute was heavy, but it really does surprise me how little difference there really is.

Jon had a slip on a corner, damaging pride, a brake and a thumb, plus bruises.   Hope fully he will not suffer too much due to that, he picked up after the slip, I suspect it was the endorphins. Will have to check on him later.






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