Back on the bike again…

It’s good to be back on two wheels, none of the impact injury of running, I can ride despite the ankle not being mended, the predictable motion of the cycling is fine, only issue comes when I need to twist the ankle. Lesson: Don’t twist the ankle (a little difficult to avoid when you’re using clipless pedals!  I went out with the boys on Saturday, a gentle 40-miler complete with tea stop.  I was going to go out on Sunday, but I wimped out with the weather.  Jon’s response when I asked if he’d gone out was “It was wet.  Very Wet.  It was also windy.  Very Windy.”  ’nuff said.  (I think staying in bed was a  good idea.)  So today I was really obliged to go out, it was not looking great – better than Sunday, but not great.  I  also had to decide which bike to use too, the Roubaix is packed up for the etape Caledonia, and the Shorter still had the turbo tyre on it, so it had to be the Giant, which had been prepared for this week’s cycle to Paris.  Never mind.  I went looking for hills, close to home, but we’re gatting to the point where we really do need to do more hills.  I managed to find 910m, I really an going to have to do better.  The Polar read 58m, and Gmaps-pedometer reads 60.6, so I think I’m going to have to re-calibrate the polar.  Interesting that my HR average was 143, I’m used to and average of 155 on the bike.  Maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough?

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