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  • Club Run to Wendover Woods by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

    Club Run to Wendover Woods by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details. Today was the first time I have led a group at the club, so a little planning was required, rather than just turn up and ride, I spent Saturday afternoon planning the route, and taking my wife out for a drive, stopping for […]

  • The Dutch do the strangest of things

    Outside Schipol airport a giant hamster wheel with human hamsters,  raising money for cancer research.

  • (Not) Big Ben

    Taking a break from the Cloudforce conference at the Royal Festival Hall.

  • Commute to Shoreditch

    Commute to Shoreditch My cycling partner has returned from his two weeks weight-to-power ratio camp. This has not stopped him. Another very fast speed, although overall time a bit slower.  Legs feeling three days in a row.A gorgeous sunny day, although that sun is very low when we start, direct in the eyes at some […]

  • Solo ride in the Sunshine by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

    Solo ride in the Sunshine This morning, in a seemingly brief gap in the showers I went out for a solo ride, tried to keep the HR and effort low, I know that if I’m on the club run tomorrow and commuting Monday & Tuesday, I need to preserve the legs.  Lovely ride though.   […]

  • Proudest of Dads

    Our household has been on tenterhooks this past few days, weeks… Today, like many households around the country we awaited A2 and AS results. For the A2s, last year, apparently UCAS, the University place people, released details of places very early. So naturally, Lucy was on the ‘net from early trying to get in. UCAS […]

  • Marmotte 2011 – finished – and with a Silver!

    Despite feeling under the weather, I managed to get round the course, and as a bonus, in a silver time – overall 9:22.

  • Recovering, but still looking a bit like a train-crash….

    I’ve gone to HQ in California on business, this time with the train-crash victim look. I’m worried they are going to get the wrong impression of me… The majority of the plasters are off, and the healing process well under way. The cuts on the bridge of my nose are proving more resilient. I spent […]

  • Commute into Shoreditch (with Eddie)

    Commute into Shoreditch (with Eddie) Was meant to meet Eddie at the appointed hour, the appointed place, but a no-show. So I cycled off on my own. As I approached the top of Shenley I cam across Eddie on the road. He had been there but we were obviously blinded by the brow of the […]

  • Denia Training Camp: Rest Day 2/Wet Ride Day

    Denia Training Camp: Rest Day 2/Wet Ride Day Despite the weather, we ventured out at lunchtime (cyclists don’t seem to notice lunchtime) with the plan to get in as decent a ride as possible, dependant on what the roads were like.  I took the opportunity to try to keep my heart rate low on the […]