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  • Denia Training camp: Another rest day!?!?!?!?

    This morning the rain is still coming down, lighter than before, but the roads are wet and no led ride out this morning. The current plan is to go out at 12:30, and see how it looks, may just end up doing some reps along the coast road. Last week there were a couple of […]

  • Denia training Camp: Day 4 – Rest day – ‘weather’ we like it or not!

    The weather might be described as “inclement”. The rain has been lashing down all night and most of the morning. The mountain behind the hotel is barely visible. We’re having a rest day. Before breakfast, Garry took our weight and body fat measurements. Ooops. My weight has increased 2kg since he told me I needed […]

  • Return Home from Work

    Return Home from Work The ride home seemed easier than the first time, and faster…

  • West Coast time adjustments

    I have always disliked going over to the West Coast of the US, I am rarely here long enough to get my clock properly adjusted, and just when I’m getting near there, it is time to come home and I then suffer badly the jet lag after the trip. So far I have woken up […]

  • Turbo – long and steady does it…

    Turbo – long and steady – Details. Last night, out with the boys decided that keeping up the glass of wine to one pint wa snot a good idea so I stuck to pints.  I think I was doing okay drinking the Doom Bar (Rock Brewery) but when they ran dry of that, we went […]

  • I won’t be back on the road for some time…

    I did a turbo this evening, and I think it ain’t going to be quick recovery. The fingers don’t quite know how to work properly after three weeks bound up. The wrist is painful in sympathy. Garmin Data

  • Cast off, splint on, this isn’t going to be that easy!

    The cast is dispensed with, but in its place I have a splint (think of those splints the people with RSI have to keep their wrist in order). I’m just amazed at how much just moving the two fingers which have been in the plaster for the past three weeks are painful to move. I […]

  • Cast off? Today’s the day

    I’m looking forward to today, I get to “cast off”! Of course I have to get to the hospital and back, which is going to set me back a few quid, taxis do! If I’m able, I’ll be back on the Turbo this PM. On another note, I have “siezed the day”, resigned and will […]

  • Turbo with a cast – on a Sunday in Hell

    Turbo with a cast – Details. Today I figured I had to give the turbo a go despite the cast. The reduced requirement for balance, changing gears etc ought to make it possible.  So I set up the Turbo, complete with the PowerTap wheel and the laptop with the video from YouTube A Sunday in […]

  • More training, less training…

    It is a bit like that at present. Some weeks I can get a good set of sessions in (like last week) and then some weeks, like this hardly any. This week I managed a 90-minute session on the bike in the gym in Madrid, doing some steady-state stuff – steady 145bpm. Then nothing ’till […]