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  • Back to the road

    Back to the road by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details. Tempted back out on the road again, despite the weather, it was good to be out there.  Rather than risk it with the club, I went out with the boys from the close, amongst whom two are training for the Ride Across Britain (John […]

  • Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

    Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details. I’m getting tired of this, I really must try to get out on the road (maybe tomorrow).  I did a couple of hours this morning, running through the Marmotte course twice – I reckon at this rate, I should know the course, but will […]

  • A couple of days off, a couple of bottles of wine…

    Turbo – The 2007 Etape, The 2006 Dragon Ride and the start of the Marmotte . So, despite being in the notice period, I am being worked hard.  No chance to get any training in the past few days, so when I got home this evening, I hopped on the turbo.  I dug out some […]

  • Turbo on a Sunday morning, and it wasn’t even raining

    Not quite the Sunday club run – Details. In accordance with SWMBO’s instructions (wishes?) I am not going out on the road (yet) so this morning I did another Turbo. I didn’t set the laptop up for another run through of the Marmotte, however, Sunday morning TV is sadly lacking, I should have done. A […]

  • Broken hand update

    Today I returned to the hospital to see the consultant. He looked at the x-ray and decided it would be better if the bones were better aligned, so off came the old plaster. I’m not good with pain and had to warn him that I might faint as he applied some pressure to the anaesthetised […]

  • Frosty mornings and visting A&E

    No club run, but gentle ride to Great Missenden. This morning it was cold but with a clear sky it was too good looking a day to waste.  So, I took the Shorter (with the PowerTap wheel) off the turbo for a spin on the road.  A reasonable group turned up for the club run, […]

  • Power! And cycling to an interesting video

    Turbo session – including Power cycled to the Giro D’Italia – Details. Today my new PowerTap wheel arrived.  I set it up on the shorter (currently located on the turbo) and wasn’t really going to do a session, but hey ho, it had to be tried out.  As it happens I was out last night […]

  • Steady turbo, and I’m learning a lot about property

    Turbo Session – Steady…. A 90 minute steady heart rate turbo session.  I’m hopeful all these turbos and steady work will give me a good grounding for this year’s activites.  Now wouldn’t it be good if only I could get power readings too…. The only thing bearable on the screen is property shows – I’m […]

  • Training Ride – no club run but ride all the same

    Sunday was a no-club-run day, so it was turn up and see who else did.    A group of eight mods/mods plus turned up and we went out and did a route up to Hertford via Puckeridge, High Cross etc.  We had three punctures en-route.  I guess that is down to the amount of grit […]

  • Training out on the road – what a relief!

    Totternhoe and back training Good to be back out on the road.  It was amazing how easy the Garmin 800 is to install and use.  Just attach using the two rubber bands, and away.  It automatically gets speed etc, only thing missing is the cadence – but I don’t worry too much about that.