War Horse: another Spielberg classic

Yesterday I was given the choice of going to see the Maggie Thatcher film or War Horse. I chose War Horse. Good choice. Spielberg has woven so many threads into a really powerful and moving story of a boy and his horse. There is huge scope for follow-ons and sequels,  although I hope none are made. Much better to leave much unsaid. I don’t know if Michael Morpurgo has written any of those other stories,  I guess I should find out.  Either way, I enjoyed the film, and would like to see it again, I have the impression I missed some subtleties.

Flight to San Francisco – time to watch films

Flew to San Francisco on Saturday, on United, which may be a mistake, they charge for the wine with lunch 🙁 but there was naturally enough time to watch a few films, including the classic Belleville Rendezvous, which I had been lent the DVD of by my big bro’. The others were Conviction, Hereafter and Faster.
None of those struck as exceptional films. The film selection in United’s economy was fairly limited. Of course there was the ability to upgrade the viewing experience if I wanted, every seat is equipped with a credit card reader.

Of course the Belleville Rendezvous was the most interesting, I will have to watch it again when I don’t need to take a break to rest my eyes half way through.

Never let me go. Oh, no, Paul-the Movie!

Yesterday I went to book to see “Never let me go” a film I watched on my last transatlantic flight. A disturbing film.  It is not in cinemas around here, so I failed.  I did note that “Paul” was on, so SWMBO and Son no#1 went to see Simon Pegg’s latest adventure.  It is jolly funny, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to see it as much as Hot Fuzz, but a good afternoon anyway.

I’m going to have to find where “Never let me go” is showing and take SWMBO.  As I say, it was disturbing, I’m just not sure why.

Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details.

I’m getting tired of this, I really must try to get out on the road (maybe tomorrow).  I did a couple of hours this morning, running through the Marmotte course twice – I reckon at this rate, I should know the course, but will be disappointed how long it takes.  The hand was not a problem today, I did the session without the splint – I have to avoid becoming dependent on it.

Let’s see what the weather is like in the morning, I might attempt a short ride with the boys rather than the club.

I ordered flowers for SWMBO to be delivered yesterday, and I’m very disappointed, they didn’t turn up yesterday, I had to go out and buy more today, and I bet they will get delivered on Monday, when she’s much less able to enjoy them.  Grrrrr.  I will  lodge a complaint and claim for compensation.

Lovely Bones…

We popped to the cinema this afternoon to see the film lovely bones. Having read the book some time ago, I knew that I was not going to see a comedy. It was a well constructed and acted film, fairly accurate to the story of the book. Definitely an emotional film to go to with your daughter.