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  • War Horse: another Spielberg classic

    Yesterday I was given the choice of going to see the Maggie Thatcher film or War Horse. I chose War Horse. Good choice. Spielberg has woven so many threads into a really powerful and moving story of a boy and his horse. There is huge scope for follow-ons and sequels,  although I hope none are […]

  • Flight to San Francisco – time to watch films

    Flew to San Francisco on Saturday, on United, which may be a mistake, they charge for the wine with lunch 🙁 but there was naturally enough time to watch a few films, including the classic Belleville Rendezvous, which I had been lent the DVD of by my big bro’. The others were Conviction, Hereafter and […]

  • Never let me go. Oh, no, Paul-the Movie!

    Yesterday I went to book to see “Never let me go” a film I watched on my last transatlantic flight. A disturbing film.  It is not in cinemas around here, so I failed.  I did note that “Paul” was on, so SWMBO and Son no#1 went to see Simon Pegg’s latest adventure.  It is jolly […]

  • Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

    Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details. I’m getting tired of this, I really must try to get out on the road (maybe tomorrow).  I did a couple of hours this morning, running through the Marmotte course twice – I reckon at this rate, I should know the course, but will […]

  • Lovely Bones…

    We popped to the cinema this afternoon to see the film lovely bones. Having read the book some time ago, I knew that I was not going to see a comedy. It was a well constructed and acted film, fairly accurate to the story of the book. Definitely an emotional film to go to with […]