Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

Turbo – Marmotte twice by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details.

I’m getting tired of this, I really must try to get out on the road (maybe tomorrow).  I did a couple of hours this morning, running through the Marmotte course twice – I reckon at this rate, I should know the course, but will be disappointed how long it takes.  The hand was not a problem today, I did the session without the splint – I have to avoid becoming dependent on it.

Let’s see what the weather is like in the morning, I might attempt a short ride with the boys rather than the club.

I ordered flowers for SWMBO to be delivered yesterday, and I’m very disappointed, they didn’t turn up yesterday, I had to go out and buy more today, and I bet they will get delivered on Monday, when she’s much less able to enjoy them.  Grrrrr.  I will  lodge a complaint and claim for compensation.







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