More training, less training…

It is a bit like that at present. Some weeks I can get a good set of sessions in (like last week) and then some weeks, like this hardly any.
This week I managed a 90-minute session on the bike in the gym in Madrid, doing some steady-state stuff – steady 145bpm. Then nothing ’till this morning:
100918 PolarI probably pushed harder than I should this morning, but knowing that it was the only session this weekend, better that than nothing.  I’m off to San Fransisco in the morning, and I’ll be there until next Saturday, but I do hope to get at least sessions in the gym. I found out this morning that my company has also engaged Lance Armstrong to take some customers out for a ride this week.  I must do my best to wangle my way onto that.

Will I be tempted while in the US to buy a new bike, wheels, or even just a bike box – maybe!  Next weekend I’m due to be out with the boys from the Close doing the Surrey hills, after a meal and overnight in some in Pub down there.  Could be a fun one, or if I’m really done in from the jet lag, it could be eventful…

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