Review of 2011Cycling

Over the year, I cycled over 5000 miles, (only those recorded on my Garmin) and spent some 335 hours on the bike (well actually across the three bikes, the Roubaix, the Shorter and the Giant winter bike).  It is interesting looking at the numbers, given that I broke my hand in January, so was off… Continue reading Review of 2011Cycling

Turbo can’t keep up…

This morning I decided it was definitely time for a turbo as we were not able to ride into work. I had done 30km when the turbo started slipping, not good. I had to I’ve it up. As I was working from home I was able to ring the distributor (for the cyclops Fluid2) who… Continue reading Turbo can’t keep up…

Club run to High Cross

Club run to High Cross  Winter bike is growing on me.  A nice ride, not too much extra effort required now it has been adjusted, and we did have rain, so the mudguards were required…

Turbo by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

Turbo by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details If I am not allowed to ride in (weather forecast not good morning and evening) and I am getting woken up by the traveller departing at 5am, then I might as well good use of the time.

Winter bike outing

Winter Bike outing I don’t like mudguards, they are ALWAYS a pain.  Anyway, I finally succumbed and got the winter bike down, and took it out for a spin.  Naturally had a problem with the mudguards while out – the front one broke and jammed.  Funny what happens when the front wheel stops dead…. Anyway,… Continue reading Winter bike outing

Club Run to Barton-Le_clay

Club Run to Barton-Le-Clay – Details.   Went out on the club run with the Fast Mods. Luckily, the leader planned a good route, changed frequently and ran a well disciplined ride. As we approached Barton, he even threw in a quick climb of the Sharpenhoe Clappers for good measure. (the good thing was that… Continue reading Club Run to Barton-Le_clay