Review of 2011Cycling

Over the year, I cycled over 5000 miles, (only those recorded on my Garmin) and spent some 335 hours on the bike (well actually across the three bikes, the Roubaix, the Shorter and the Giant winter bike).  It is interesting looking at the numbers, given that I broke my hand in January, so was off the bike for 4 weeks or so, ran through the patio doors at the end of May, causing a 2-week break around the start of June, and then had a small accident on the Mountain bike in Nevada.  I wonder what it would look like if I actually hadn’t had those mishaps.

It didn’t prevent me riding the Marmotte in July – which I believe was the most challenging ride yet.  I felt ill beforehand, and started the day determined not to over-do it, and to bale when it was too much.  Somehow that didn’t happen, maybe because I started gently, made me able to go through to the end.  Much of my cycling during the year I cycled with my cycling partner Jon, who encouraged me, made me feel guilty when I didn’t cycle, commuted into London, and was there through the year to have the shared experience.  For that I thank you Jon, it really makes a difference, makes the whole thing enjoyable and memorable.

Events during the year:
March: Train in Spain training Camp
May: Hants Hilly Hundred
June: Marmotte Reccie
July: Marmotte
October: etape Cymru


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