Commute is good training, but can be hard work on the winter bike

The weather was suitable, the diaries worked, so yesterday was a cycling commute day. I chose the winter bike again, against my wishes, off we went, it was a cold start, but luckily no frost. (av temp 1.2 degrees according to Garmin – not sure I agree with that).  It was hard work on the way in, I struggled a bit on the climbs.  On inspection, the heart rate was elevated, and Jon had felt comfortable, not a good sign.

The return in the evening definitely challenged me. The overall timing is not relevant, just look at the moving time, Jon was delayed so I waited at Old Street for him to start. The first big climb on the way home (the Col de Muswell) I barely managed to keep up with Jon, and on each of the subsequent climbs I slipped further and further back.  On the climb to Totteridge common, Jon was out of sight, and he hadn’t realised how far he’d dropped me.  For him it must have felt a bit good dropping me for a change.  The ride knackered me.  As I put the bike away when I got home, the rear brake was definitely rubbing, those big 700×25 tyres and mudguards on the bike make it really susceptible to drag.  Maybe it was that, maybe I’m incubating a virus.  Don’t know, but as can be seen by the figures in the diagram, the ride home was hard work for me.     What will I do this weekend?

At least there is now less drag as Movember is over.  I was pleased to see two good friends had also participated, Jordan’s Mo was the most awesome.  Well done guys.

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