Teaching old dogs new tricks: Club run to Dunstable Downs

Club run to Dunstable Downs

Frosty morning, would not have gone out had I not been leading. I was also advised strongly by the management that I should not go out.  There was a “select” group turned up this morning (the foolish). However main roads were okay so we took a main-ish road route round to Hemel, Berkhampstead, Tring, Ivinghoe and up to the Visitor Centre at Dunstable Downs. After the most carb-packed flapjack (solid syrup) we routed back along Dagnall, and the valley bottom to Hemel and back along the hemel road.  It was a very sensible ride, moderated speed with very few sprints or climbs.  We did get a little worried when it started snaowing when we were at the cafe, but that luckily soon passed.






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    And as the snow started to fall, another bite on the syrupy flapjack just made the world look brighter!

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