Club Run to Barton-Le_clay

Club Run to Barton-Le-Clay – Details.

Club Run 30/10/11
Club Run 30/10/11 – Barton-Le-Clay

Went out on the club run with the Fast Mods. Luckily, the leader planned a good route, changed frequently and ran a well disciplined ride. As we approached Barton, he even threw in a quick climb of the Sharpenhoe Clappers for good measure. (the good thing was that I managed to climb it without fatiguing. However as we approached St Albans on the return, I did flag a bit, but family lunch (daughter home from Uni for the first visit, and parents here too!) was scheduled for 13:00 so I had to get home on time. (13:01 due to getting caught at the lights….)






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