West Coast time adjustments

I have always disliked going over to the West Coast of the US, I am rarely here long enough to get my clock properly adjusted, and just when I’m getting near there, it is time to come home and I then suffer badly the jet lag after the trip. So far I have woken up around three each morning. The bad news for some is that it means that I have been able to spend sufficient time in the gym on the bike to make up for not being at home and able to ride properly. So far I have managed each morning (4) to do either two hours (3) or one hour (1) on the gym bike, maintaining a steady heart rate between 130-140.
I have also established that I have one or two colleagues who have spare bikes and if I end up visiting over a weekend, I should at least get some riding in too!
The problem as always with the US the excess of food. I might be training, but I’m certainly feeding more than enough for it…
Still, I’m looking forward to the TrainInSpain camp in a couple of weeks.

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