Sunday Club run, 52m in snowy conditions

When, oh when is this going to go away? On looking out when I woke I woke up I was not inclined to go out – the sleet, and I had a n excuse. But I went, all the same. The Giant was pressed into action, and I joined a very diminished group at the Verulam meeting point in town. J was there, hiding under the eaves, I didn’t even notice him. Anyway, as all the club run leaders had opted out, Nick led us off to Hitchin. As soon as we got out of town, we realised this might not have been such a great idea. There was lots of snow on the roads, and at times was rather dangerous. We persevered, out along Lilly Bottom to Hexton and on to the Cafe at Hitchin. Only one puncture on the way, while that was getting repaired I did get a little cold, otherwise I was fine.
After a tea and cake we set off towards home, making a couple of wrong turns, but the state of the roads was much improved.
I got in trouble with SWMBO when I got home for delaying lunch, but she has to have something to moan about, right?
Anyway, I was really pleased that after the long run yesterday, the legs coped well with the ride, the slower pace suited me just fine.
The week ahead is all in the UK, so I should get a decent set of training in. Now, where’s that CRB form?







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