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  • After the event

    Does she look proud of me – or just like she’s trying not to show she’s holding me upright!

  • Ankle recovering, pictures not for the squeamish!

    The ankle is feeling better – even if somewhat psychedelic in look.  It is still swollen but a lot less than before.  I managed to cycle over to the hospital for my blood test today, without any problems, so I’m sure a quick cycle over to Paris won’t be a problem next week!

  • London Marathon: checked, time 3:36 (official)

    Completed London, time 3h36m. Really pleased with that. All existing injuries held off but I turned my right ankle a number of times, and now it is blown up like a balloon. Rest, ice, and compression I guess. Good thing I don’t have to walk anywhere tomorrow, day off booked in advance. Thanks to all […]

  • Saturday before the London Marathon: Sunshine.

    So I’m in the final stages of my “taper”, or otherwise known as “stop running”. Nothing I do now will change the outcome tomorrow. I have my number (20351) you’ll be able to follow me on facebook if that’s your thing, they are uploading the 5Km timings direct to an app on facebook, so you […]

  • Sunshine and heat:that changes the game

    Went out this morning and did 15 miles in the sunshine. Although it’s pleasant, I’m not sure it is when you’re doing a marathon. It means you have to think that much more about sun block and hydration. The hip held out okay, still taking the ibruprofen, stretching etc to keep it at bat. I […]

  • Despite the forecasts both run & cycle without deluges

    Saturday I managed to do a long run (18 miles) and despite the calf and hip niggling went okay. Did it averaging 7:35/mile. HR was better and felt I could have gone on. Need to start thinking about tapering I think. It is frightening to think that it is just four weeks away now. Keeping […]

  • Three days rest, the legs still work and that BPM is better

    I rested for three full days after the Reading Half, not least because I have a twinge in my left calf. So, with the aid of compression socks I did a 7-miler this morning, and did okay. The legs still worked, not too many aches, and the calf held up. I put a picture of […]

  • Reading Half Marathon: 1.34 – and the sun shone…

    This morning completed the Reading Half Marathon, managed a 1:34:34, chip position 1102/12300. (Final Result) My previous memory of Reading was COLD, but this morning was really quite a pleasant temperature – I even ran in shorts & t-shirt! I was deliberately trying to slow my pace so I’m more than happy at the result […]

  • MK Half: Cold! 1.32.05 Respectable. 284th of 3244.

    A cold morning, frost on the ground, but sunshine. I managed to do 1h32m5s, just awaiting the final official time. That gives me an average of 7m2s/mile, not bad. I went off far too fast however, and paid for it later in the race. The last mile was predominantly uphill, rather nasty. The organisation was […]

  • Gentle ride on Saturday morning

    I decided this week as I would be running on Sunday, to go out and ride on Saturday, I just wanted a gentle one, but ended up doing the best part of 50 miles. Not a bad pace, but I think I might have done more than I should. I managed also to get a […]