Reading Half Marathon: 1.34 – and the sun shone…

Polar HR Monitor for Reading HalfThis morning completed the Reading Half Marathon, managed a 1:34:34, chip position 1102/12300. (Final Result) My previous memory of Reading was COLD, but this morning was really quite a pleasant temperature – I even ran in shorts & t-shirt! I was deliberately trying to slow my pace so I’m more than happy at the result time, I do have some learning to do yet on controlling pace. I’m not sure I was feeling 100% either. When you look at my Polar HR output, I was far too high for the duration, averaging 173, not good, at MK I averaged 167. Virus I assume.
I also seem to have strained my left calf, nothing which will surprise my osteopath, but I’ll put of visiting him, stretch & compression leggings.

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