Saturday before the London Marathon: Sunshine.

So I’m in the final stages of my “taper”, or otherwise known as “stop running”. Nothing I do now will change the outcome tomorrow. I have my number (20351) you’ll be able to follow me on facebook if that’s your thing, they are uploading the 5Km timings direct to an app on facebook, so you can see how fast (or slow) I’m going, and when I’m likely to hobble past you waving from the roadside.
I’m hopeful that the predictions of temperatures over 20 degrees, and sunshine are wrong, I don’t think I’ve run any distance in temperatures over about 14 so far this year.
I’m already looking forward to our bike ride to Paris in a couple of weeks, found out last night that I have to take an extra day off work for that. Lucky I’ve nothing booked in the diary for that day.

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