Recovering, but still looking a bit like a train-crash….

I’ve gone to HQ in California on business, this time with the train-crash victim look. I’m worried they are going to get the wrong impression of me…
The majority of the plasters are off, and the healing process well under way. The cuts on the bridge of my nose are proving more resilient. I spent an hour in the gym on the bike this morning, with the slightly blood-tinged sweat dripping off me. Still, I suppose it gave the pores a clearing out. No cycling last weekend, as we had the 25th Wedding anniversary party. A good do. So nice seeing old friends family neighbours and all having fun. Some people not seen in *many* years, such a pleasure.
The flight over here was on Continental via Newark. Setting aside the fact that any indirect flight is a pain, Continental was very pleasant. The transatlantic leg was on a 777, more room than I’ve had in Economy for years, the films were good no issues. The change at Newark was smooth, and arrival into SFO on-time. Like all domestic US flights, the 757 was full, and they charged for just about everything. I have to fly back via Newark too. Not particularly looking forward to that. Lots of work to do here first.

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