Tower Bridge, London


Round Table 147 Euromeeting 2011.  Thames trip from Greenwich to Westminster.  Have to go back to Greenwich,  all we saw was the inside of Pizza Express!

Mountain bike ride in Reno, Nevada


Today I am staying with old friends in Reno Nevada. Steve took me out on the mountain bike, we did a 3:45 ride, hard ride, definitely feel like I did some work. We did something like 30 or 35 miles off road climbing round near lake Tahoe.  Amazing scenery with great views. I did fall a couple of times, and have a big swelling on my thigh where I hit a tree stump. Lots of ice and ibruprofen.

Commute to Shoreditch

Commute to Shoreditch

My cycling partner has returned from his two weeks weight-to-power ratio camp. This has not stopped him. Another very fast speed, although overall time a bit slower.  Legs feeling three days in a row.A gorgeous sunny day, although that sun is very low when we start, direct in the eyes at some points.

Proudest of Dads

Our household has been on tenterhooks this past few days, weeks… Today, like many households around the country we awaited A2 and AS results. For the A2s, last year, apparently UCAS, the University place people, released details of places very early. So naturally, Lucy was on the ‘net from early trying to get in. UCAS set up their systems to incrementally let people log in, but she did find on facebook a link which allowed her to get her results at something like 7am. She came in to see us crying. She got in. The funny thing is that she knew she had a place at her chosen Uni, but not what her results were (3-As were both her offers!). At 9 she got to school, to find she did indeed achieve her 3As. Well done.
My son was awaiting his AS results, which he got from school soon after 9. He got good results, ABCC, which is what will go on his Uni application. He will now have to work hard for the year to get into Uni to read his chosen subject – history, politics or something of that genre.
Well done to my children, they can be sure they have very proud parents, grandparents, and all the family.

Club run to Barton-le-Clay

Garmin Connect – Details.

Today’s ride was my first with the new “Rapides” group, led ably by David Reid.  This group is meant to be the front of the fast mods, and more forgiving than the fast group.  And so it proved to be.  We averaged a moving time of over 30kph but managed not to drop anyone. Only twelve in the group, which is about the right number to be able to take turns effectively at the front.  Glad the legs held up after yesterday’s 2:30 turbo.

Recovering, but still looking a bit like a train-crash….

I’ve gone to HQ in California on business, this time with the train-crash victim look. I’m worried they are going to get the wrong impression of me…
The majority of the plasters are off, and the healing process well under way. The cuts on the bridge of my nose are proving more resilient. I spent an hour in the gym on the bike this morning, with the slightly blood-tinged sweat dripping off me. Still, I suppose it gave the pores a clearing out. No cycling last weekend, as we had the 25th Wedding anniversary party. A good do. So nice seeing old friends family neighbours and all having fun. Some people not seen in *many* years, such a pleasure.
The flight over here was on Continental via Newark. Setting aside the fact that any indirect flight is a pain, Continental was very pleasant. The transatlantic leg was on a 777, more room than I’ve had in Economy for years, the films were good no issues. The change at Newark was smooth, and arrival into SFO on-time. Like all domestic US flights, the 757 was full, and they charged for just about everything. I have to fly back via Newark too. Not particularly looking forward to that. Lots of work to do here first.