Club Run (almost) to Vanstone Park

Club Run (almost) to Vanstone Park

Some small adjustments today to the Winter Bike, brakes and mudguards rubbing considerably less, hoped for an easier ride than the commute of Friday. The club run today was meant to be out to do the freewheel competition on Wheathampstead Hill, which did not appeal to a group of us in the Fast Mods and Rapides, so Andrew Grant led us on a good long route out through Studham, Totternhoe, Toddington, Lilley Bottom round to Vanstone Park.  The efforts on the adjustments prior to departure seem to have made a considerable difference,much easier ride today.  On the route we had one puncture before we crossed over on to the Lilley Bottom Road, after waiting a suitably short time fo rthat one to be repaired we went off, only for me to get a rear puncture soon after.  A quick change and a pump with CO2 soon had me off again.  We approached Vanstone as the massed ranks of those who had done the Freewheel competition went the other way, so there was no great wait at Vanstone.  A short ride directly home from Vanstone, not feeling bad at all, despite having cranked in a very respectable time.





Commute is good training, but can be hard work on the winter bike

The weather was suitable, the diaries worked, so yesterday was a cycling commute day. I chose the winter bike again, against my wishes, off we went, it was a cold start, but luckily no frost. (av temp 1.2 degrees according to Garmin – not sure I agree with that).  It was hard work on the way in, I struggled a bit on the climbs.  On inspection, the heart rate was elevated, and Jon had felt comfortable, not a good sign.

The return in the evening definitely challenged me. The overall timing is not relevant, just look at the moving time, Jon was delayed so I waited at Old Street for him to start. The first big climb on the way home (the Col de Muswell) I barely managed to keep up with Jon, and on each of the subsequent climbs I slipped further and further back.  On the climb to Totteridge common, Jon was out of sight, and he hadn’t realised how far he’d dropped me.  For him it must have felt a bit good dropping me for a change.  The ride knackered me.  As I put the bike away when I got home, the rear brake was definitely rubbing, those big 700×25 tyres and mudguards on the bike make it really susceptible to drag.  Maybe it was that, maybe I’m incubating a virus.  Don’t know, but as can be seen by the figures in the diagram, the ride home was hard work for me.     What will I do this weekend?

At least there is now less drag as Movember is over.  I was pleased to see two good friends had also participated, Jordan’s Mo was the most awesome.  Well done guys.

Winter bike outing

Winter Bike outing

I don’t like mudguards, they are ALWAYS a pain.  Anyway, I finally succumbed and got the winter bike down, and took it out for a spin.  Naturally had a problem with the mudguards while out – the front one broke and jammed.  Funny what happens when the front wheel stops dead….

Anyway, I removed what was left of it, and will have to replace it.  The chainrings on that bike (a Giant Defy 3.5) are cheap and nasty, and I really must get them sorted.


Interesting set of statistics I found this evening on Garmin Connect, a summary of my entries in Garmin Connect for the last 365 days:

A few questions this raises in my mind:

  • How big would I be if I had not cycled that much
  • How many p/km has my bike cost?
  • Can I eliminate the hours spent on the bike before my wife sees these stats, I’m in enough trouble as it is the amount of time I spend on the bike!

Club Run to Barton-Le_clay

Club Run to Barton-Le-Clay – Details.

Club Run 30/10/11
Club Run 30/10/11 - Barton-Le-Clay

Went out on the club run with the Fast Mods. Luckily, the leader planned a good route, changed frequently and ran a well disciplined ride. As we approached Barton, he even threw in a quick climb of the Sharpenhoe Clappers for good measure. (the good thing was that I managed to climb it without fatiguing. However as we approached St Albans on the return, I did flag a bit, but family lunch (daughter home from Uni for the first visit, and parents here too!) was scheduled for 13:00 so I had to get home on time. (13:01 due to getting caught at the lights….)

Work does make it challenging to train, this week Cloudforce Munich

This week I spent the whole week in Germany, doing meetings and attending the Cloudforce conference on Thursday. It has been a hectic week with local meetings in Frankfurt and Munich, plus web conference demos for other prospects in the Netherlands.
Germany is interesting as a market for cloud technologies, the “cloud” label has definite negative aspects, whereas “integration” does not. We may need to subtly change our messaging in at market. Our local partner, ITBConsult were very active and looking forward to make stuff happen. Looks like I will be helping them to deliver a webinar series for the German market in the coming weeks (in addition to the ones I’m already delivering – the next one on Thursday this week – see the webinar resources on the snaplogic website for more detail)

Club Run to Wendover Woods by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details

Club Run to Wendover Woods by 01badger at Garmin Connect – Details.

Today was the first time I have led a group at the club, so a little planning was required, rather than just turn up and ride, I spent Saturday afternoon planning the route, and taking my wife out for a drive, stopping for a cuppa whilst out. The Group was small, seven of us, which is a relief as it gets a bit dodgy when there are too many, and there has been recently some bad behaviour. The average speed worked out quite sensible, and the group rode well, I called changes at the front every 5 minutes or so, so everyone took their turn, although there were only a couple of sections where the wind seemed to be directly ahead.

No complaints from those in the group, so I call that a success. On the return we did a shorter route and were back in plenty of time for lunch and no ear-bending! It could have been ten miles longer on the return, but I enjoyed the ride.