Sunday Club run, 52m in snowy conditions

When, oh when is this going to go away? On looking out when I woke I woke up I was not inclined to go out – the sleet, and I had a n excuse. But I went, all the same. The Giant was pressed into action, and I joined a very diminished group at the Verulam meeting point in town. J was there, hiding under the eaves, I didn’t even notice him. Anyway, as all the club run leaders had opted out, Nick led us off to Hitchin. As soon as we got out of town, we realised this might not have been such a great idea. There was lots of snow on the roads, and at times was rather dangerous. We persevered, out along Lilly Bottom to Hexton and on to the Cafe at Hitchin. Only one puncture on the way, while that was getting repaired I did get a little cold, otherwise I was fine.
After a tea and cake we set off towards home, making a couple of wrong turns, but the state of the roads was much improved.
I got in trouble with SWMBO when I got home for delaying lunch, but she has to have something to moan about, right?
Anyway, I was really pleased that after the long run yesterday, the legs coped well with the ride, the slower pace suited me just fine.
The week ahead is all in the UK, so I should get a decent set of training in. Now, where’s that CRB form?

Lovely Bones…

We popped to the cinema this afternoon to see the film lovely bones. Having read the book some time ago, I knew that I was not going to see a comedy. It was a well constructed and acted film, fairly accurate to the story of the book. Definitely an emotional film to go to with your daughter.

Long run, short legs…

Despite the cold, the sun was out, and I had to go do a long one. It worked out at 18.7miles, at 8.07/mile. If only I can carry that on for the other 7.5 miles….
Legs definitely feeling it, so tomorrow morning a bike ride with the Club is in order, and we’ll see if shake out later in the day is in order.

Couldn’t resist a short ride…

Having had a good run yesterday, and planning on a long one on Saturday, I decided to put in a short ride this lunchtime on the new Giant Winter bike. Now that the front wheel is running smooth, it is quite a pleasure to ride. I managed to dodge the snow showers, in fact the roads were generally dry.  Did 18.2 miles.  I haven’t fitted the Giant with the Polar attachment yet, maybe I’ll invest in a Garmin 705….

Government reply to StopRailFreight petition

The government’s reaction to the petition is sadly indicating that this government wants to push through the rail freight interchanges, even if they are proposed in the wrong places. Joined up government is what we need. If they are going to widen the M25 around that part anyway, what is the harm in adding a motorway junction to service this major rail/road interchange. I don’t object to the Rail Freight terminal per-se, but do think it is madness without direct access to/from the motorway network,, which it is proposed to be build beside.
Read the text of the reply at:

Miserable weather, but a good run after 4 days off

I’ve been away in Lyon this week where the weather and gastronomic options put paid to any training. Back last night so today had to go out. The forecast was ‘getting worse’ so I went out around 10. It was spitting rain most of the way but the legs felt good, not surprising after four days off. Did 6.3miles. How will it feel tomorrow and Saturday after 3 days in a row?

Another weekend, another long run

Took L out for a run on Saturday morning – I’m sure it does me no good running at someone else’s pace. Anyway, with L we did 3.5m, then I went on to do a loop of the ring road and round Ragged Hall Lane – a total of 15.29m for the day. Legs felt it, but no damage. Overall the time averaged 8:49/m, bring me in on a marathon distance respectable under 4h. Be good if I can do that on the day.
Sponsorship under way, many thanks to those of you that have helped already, I appreciate it, and it gives me even more reason to go the distance.
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